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Best Practices prize 2017 for innovation


Inci-Flex classified at second place for having designed and realized the “Easy to Plate Four” system, the first completely automated unit for production of high resolution digital photopolymeric lates. The Best Practices Prize for innovation has been organized by Confindustria Salerno since 2006 with the intent to favor culture of innovation and guarantee visibility to innovative projects […]

Converter dedicates Inci-Flex a special for their 20 years activity

Inciflex Articolo Converter

Converter, the “Printing, Converting, Packaging” magazine, dedicates an article to the history of the first 20 years activity of Inci-Flex, an history of innovation, will and challenges faced and conquered. It particularly underlines the three parties partnership among Inci-Flex, Esko and Vianord, finalized to the objective, brightly attained, of creating a completely automated system for […]

The future is to anticipate innovation

Inciflex Festa 20 Anni 7

“Our objective”, declares Inci-Flex CEO Vincenzo Consalvo, “is to provide concrete and innovative solutions through an accurate and punctual service, that seeks reduction of time to market and quality excellence. Hence our company’s philosophy: to guarantee customers solid result and not only sell them some products. Our values, unchanged since foundation of the company, are […]