Continuous improvement

In line with a company vision focused on enhancing quality through technological development, Inci-Flex has invested in each of the 4 pre-press departments in recent years to further increase print performance, thus reducing the time to market and improve consistency.

Already the first company in Italy in 2009 to install a high-resoptic engraving unit for HD plates, Inci-Flex has the first ever "Full HD" certification released by Esko.It has introduced a complete automation system in the making of Full HD Flexo plates and a new Fiber Optic


Laser Engraving Technology, the ultimate frontier of high definition, which enhances its features in terms of quality, delivering consistent and sharper images with an extended tonal range, combined with a strong visual impact and a wider range of colors.
At the same time, it expanded the Gravure department with the installation of a fully automated line of production that can carry the entire cylinder working cycle up to the final stage. Another innovation in the Liquid department was the introduction of a new HYBRIDA resin for improving corrugated cardboard printing.


Company policy

Inci-Flex applies a “total quality” policy that means running a system of procedures and protocols applied in all phases of the business activity. This confirms the commitment to meet customer requirements, legal and regulatory requirements, the creation of a relationship of transparency and trust with customers.

Valori Inciflex


The goals are decoded into measurable indicators, constantly monitored by the managers of each function and evaluated by the CEO. The quantitative targets for achieving this policy are defined each year and reviewed every six months, communicated to the various managers and from them to all staff.

Politica Aziendale Inciflex


The Quality Management System is based on the improvement of:

- business performance;
- human resources management performance;
- production performance;
- supplier management;
- transparency and trust with customers.

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The solution for quality control

WebCenter is an advanced web platform for managing preproduction specifications, an advanced communication tool that allows faster implementation of projects.
The system allows all operators to share the same document and, with visualization and annotation tools, add comments and point out the amendments precisely, automating complex approval processes.


  • Quality enhancement through more efficient data sharing and functions
  • Reducing errors by adding information to modules
  • Real-time communication between customers, vendors and internal staff.


  • Reduction of 60% of the costs required for paper proof printing and shipment
  • 25% reduction in operating time thanks to quality assurance and fewer modifications
  • Reducing approval times ranging from weeks to days.

In WebCenter, you can choose between the basic version and the advanced features, with a secure result in terms of optimizing the production process and quality control.



Caring for nature and people

The latest investments will optimize energy impact, reduction of waste and reduction of special waste disposal. For energy consumption, Inci-Flex, thanks to its photovoltaic system, covers 50% of its requirements. Meanwhile, a second plant is planned, which will enable complete energy autonomy.
A friendly work environment, with green spaces and staff rooms, completes the compliance with a philosophy of respect for people.

Ambiente Inciflex


Workers care

In addition to being in compliance with the law, Inci-Flex has created ergonomic and secure workstations in the various departments to ensure the well-being of its employees, both in the offices and in the operating departments.

Sicurezza Lavoro Inciflex


Be there for the community

From the beginning of our business we have decided to support others and the community we share. Our commitment has been specifically aimed at supporting the work of sports associations for children, with the aim of providing them with training andsense of discipline.

Solidarietà Inciflex